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    Prince Kaybee Features Big Names For Sophomore Album

    It’s been close to 2 years since Prince Kaybee broke into the music scene with his smash-hit Better Days featuring Audrey on vocals. He owned the summer with that song and went on to sign with Born In Soweto licensed under Universal Music Group. At the time, Prince Kaybee’s breakthrough read like a fictional rags […] More

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    Did Kanye Boost Adidas To No.2 Spot?

    Adidas has surpassed Nike owned Jordan brand to become the second biggest sneaker brand in the US market, growing 4.7 percent year on year to claim a 11.3 percent market share. In comparison, the Jordan brand grow by 1 percent to 9.5 percent year on year for the same reporting period. Market leader Nike, dropped […] More

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    Shane Eagle Exceeds Expectations With Yellow

    After a short hiatus from the scene, Shane Eagle dropped one of the best albums this year, not just in Hip-Hop but musically. The J.Cole inspired debut album spent a week as the number one selling album digitally, an impressive feat for a hip-hop debut. After dropping 6 singles, some of which he dropped while […] More

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    End of an Era; A Timeline, The End of Cash Time Life

    The release of K.O’s smash-hit Caracara, featuring stable mate Kid-X, coincided with the introduction of the label to massive critical acclaim, this allowed the collective to perform throughout the country on the back of K.O’s solo peak at the time. During its time, the label dropped two mixtapes, Cashtime Fam’s Cashtime R.A.D.I.O, and Kid-X’s 3 […] More

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    Get Your Music On Radio; This Is How

    There is no indication whether the local music policy made it any easier for local artists to break into the SABC radio playlists, these tips should help you understand what is required of an artist looking to get their music playlisted on commercial radio. Here is an edited version of the post shared by Cath; […] More

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    Tiger Woods Deserves Better

    When I was younger I didn’t appreciate Tiger Woods as much as I should have. Somewhere along the way, I was taught that his dominance was unfair or somehow bad for the game. I find it funny now that I’m grown that athletes who were just as dominant as Woods in other sports I grew […] More

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