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  • What Brands Can Learn From Beauty Content Creators

    Beauty brands have recently discovered the marketing and advertising potential of beauty content creators within the social media space. They are not only taking advantage of that gap but are also making great use of realised customer value benefit derived from sponsored content. Beauty content creators have mastered the technique of governing what information is […] More

  • Dankie San, Dankie PRO!

    Moments into our conversation, I asked Linda Mkhize whether he felt some typa way that he was not being acknowledged by the mainstream for the role he’s played in building many a rapper’s careers; for carving a lane in South African rap, and running its course better and faster than any one else. His philosophical […] More

  • Inxeba: A Film Worth Rejoicing

    One of the most important productions of the South African, and possibly the African film industry in its entirety, hits our big screens this weekend, The Wound Weekend has finally arrived. While South Africans have waited with bated breath for Inxeba (The Wound), which tells the story of a young gay boy’s rite of passage in […] More

  • What Leaving My Dream Job Has Taught Me

    Since leaving this so called dream job, I’ve had nothing but time to reflect on my life and decisions I’ve made thus far. The one thing keeps ringing in my head is, ‘be careful what you wish for’ , this could also just be my wife’s voice, as she’s forever saying this to me. My love […] More

  • Brenda Fassie: Not A Bad Girl, But A Bad B#&ch!

    A ‘good’ girl is, to list a few standards that I’ve noticed, a woman who fits neatly into the standards that patriarchy sets up for women. A woman who does not tempt men with her clothes, a woman who does not smoke or drink, a woman who does not own her sexuality before marriage (perhaps […] More

  • Start-Up Hack: The Basics Of Starting A Business

    Once you move from ideation to execution, you need to come up with a name for your business, this is the first step in building a reputation. This decision should not be taken lightly as it will affect how potential customers engage with your business, if at all. Avoid using slang or buzzwords to name […] More

  • Get Your Levi’s Trucker Jacket Customized For Free

    Visitors to the shop can choose from various techniques such as paint flick, dip & dye, patches, cuts, distressing, spray on stencils, fabric pens and accessories to fully customize their newly purchased or old favorite Levi jackets. Some of the limited colourways available for sale at the shop.Some patches to choose from, at no cost. There […] More