Central Vibe Is Rebranding; Finding Purpose

When we started Central Vibe back in 2014, it started as a side-hustle to manage projects that grew out of Eric Says and Nkox The Leader’s radio work. Our first project, was managing the Coca Cola Music Explosion social media campaign and marketing activities, this project, birthed Central Vibe as we know it today.

The business transitioned into a talent agency by managing KSet, Kwanza and Prime, at a time when talent management was not formalised in Bloemfontein. We went on to create youth lifestyle content for HlaselaTV, the only external content supplier for the government initiative. We also managed the Centlec social media strategy at this time. This allowed us to create content that resonated with young people and build a recognisable brand.

Since then, a lot has changed, Central Vibe moved to Johannesburg and Nkox The Leader left the business. Media Personality Smash Afrika joined Central Vibe under a talent management agreement and soon after, superstar illustrator David ‘Slaying Goliath’ Tshabalala also joined as talent. TV Presenter Ney The Bae and visual artist Neo Mahlangu were also on the rooster for some time.

Through this talent, we’ve managed to facilitate and collaborate with some of the biggest agencies and brands, working on great campaigns that have shaped our business into what it is today.

As an indie outlet, we play in a very saturated market where the big players are consolidating multiple offerings into group offerings, marketing budgets are shrinking and the nature of work produced is shifting to instant short-form pieces created for short-lived attention.

Everyone wants to be different, to create different work, be it brand or agency, but we’re all doing the same different thing. On this realisation, we’ve found our purpose. Purpose is what keeps you going even when the wheels fall off and we’ve chosen a new path, we’ve chosen change and we’re changing everything.

This starts with renaming Central Vibe to soon agency. We’re not an agency, the world doesn’t need another agency, we’re an advocacy collective. Put differently, we’re just a group of creatives trying to find new ways to tell your story.

Our primary offering will remain management, content and communication.

We’ll continue to manage talent and projects, however, we’ll be more selective in the talent, campaigns and content we work on. We need a shift from the current bubblegum content to more meaningful stories that live far longer than our attention span, we’re looking to create more content of our own, and develop relationships with brands willing to be brave in how they tell their stories. In the age of social media where brands and personalities need to be more accountable for their actions, we’re also moving into the communications space to help improve client communication.

Again, the world doesn’t need another agency, but we do need more voices, more advocacy, more expression and more bravery, so here we are.



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