Nasty C, Sjava, Tellaman, The Wrecking Crew and Forex Killer All Trending On The Tube

There’s almost always something fresh to watch on the tube; From music videos, random virals, original youtuber productions to illegally streamed content, the list is endless. Every other week, we curate what we find interesting on the tube;

Tellaman drops the visuals to his Chris Brown-esque smash Whipped featuring Nasty C & Shekhinah.   The colourful video follows a typical R&B love-story on a heavily pop leaning sound. The styling on this Kyle White produced work is just beautiful. You would need much for a song featuring Nasty & Shekhinah but this lived up to expectations. Fun song, fun video.

Former Wrecking Crew members Flame, Ecco and Mellow spills the beans on the split from the mega-group. They discuss why they left, address beef rumours, finances and management issues they had with the collective. The 3-part interview gives a glimpse into the inner workings of the rap group.

Our biggest hip hop export, Nasty C, shares some content from his second trip to London in a 7-minute documentary that looks into a series of interviews, a Strings & Bling listening session and Nasty just hanging out in London. The team is essentially laying the ground for a Nasty introduction to the London scene through a thorough PR run.

Sjava visits Colors for a soul-stirring performance of the spirited Umama. Sjava does what he does ever so often, paying homage to his mother in a way that we can all identify with. This is a big deal for the BET award winning star; he’s slowly crafting his way onto the global scene with his authentic South African sound. Africa to the world.

Finally, we look at Forex Broker Killer, a reality show series that follows the life and times of a young forex trader as he goes about living the forex trading lifestyle. You can expect luxury cars, money, women, and a lot of typos on this entertaining series. Fraud or genius? The less said about our boastful ‘forex traders’, the better.


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