What Brands Can Learn From Beauty Content Creators

Beauty brands have recently discovered the marketing and advertising potential of beauty content creators within the social media space. They are not only taking advantage of that gap but are also making great use of realised customer value benefit derived from sponsored content. Beauty content creators have mastered the technique of governing what information is most important to their audiences and how to connect with this audience. Beauty content creators create meaningful stories.

First of all, as a brand you can’t overtly claim that you are authentic. Authentic content is based on its consistency with the brand purpose. Beauty content is mostly based on a real problem, be it skin, hair or health related. In other words, you want your story to connect with your audience through shared meaning, the content needs to stick and this is achieved by being a trustworthy storyteller. The first step in staying authentic is developing content that is consistent to your brand purpose and matching this with what is important to your customers.

Storytelling ties in with authenticity by using a real problem which your audience can usually relate to or have experienced. Content creators get storytelling right by balancing the needs of the audience with just the right quantity of information and entertainment. Using this strategy, usually a personal story, can therefore enhance brand equity and improved sales; through shared meaning and understanding the needs of your customer. Brands should capitalize on revealing their heart and soul in order to connect with your audience in a real way.

As part  of their value proposition, beauty content creators often create demonstrative videos that take the viewer on a product journey throughout a specific tutorial. This type of content allows audience to follow a journey with your brand and form a connection to the brand story. Taking a specific product, using it over time and sharing the results of product use, is a classic form of beauty content creation.Here is a good example on how Mihlali Ndamase, one of South Africa’s leading beauty influencers, uses product reviews.

This is activation in its purest form; product sampling, storytelling and influencer marketing in a single journey.

Beauty content creators are part of the rapidly growing new influencer marketing. A beauty content creator forms part of the trusted reference group for the audience. As stated above, sharing an experience, product knowledge and new trends is the new form of influence that keeps customers engaged with your brand. In other words this form of marketing, develops into a trust relationship that influences product preference, brand awareness and conversion of prospective customers. A Although a contentious subject in the marketing industry, the reality is that influencer marketing is here to stay. A recent study revealed that more than 60% of beauty consumers we greatly influenced by YouTube and Instagram in their purchasing decisions.

Audiences respond to content that is relevant to them and once they relate, engagement is a key element. Likability – Similarity – Familiarity are three elements which define engagement. There is no point in creating branded content if the audience does not connect and engage with your content. Engagement turns brand experience into sales.

In a nutshell, beauty content creators offer lessons for all brands on how to drive authentic storytelling combined with experiential marketing. These content creators, for the most part considered to be social media influencers, drive engagement through developing a journey with the audience. Key to all of this, is simply understanding your audience, their problems, their perception of value and using the gathered information to develop content that connects to your customers in a meaningful way.The journey begins with understanding your brand purpose and story, from this, your brand can connect to customers in the same manner that beauty content creators do. Beauty content creators are more than what they are perceived to be.

*This post was written by Tshego Wesi

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