Q&A With Shane Eagle On His Yellow Tour, Merch & New Music

Undeniably in the top 3 of South Africa’s next generation of hip-hop superstars, Shane Eagle carved his own lane when he dropped his debut album Yellow almost a year ago. First introduced to us through reality-tv show The Hustle, the rapper surprised many when he left fellow rapper JR’s record label Feel Good Music, to go it on his own. His debut, Yellow, went on to amass over two million streams, cementing his position as the future of hip-hop.

Following the announcement of the Yellow tour at the end of last year, the SAMA Best Hip-Hop Album winner recently launched the Yellow merch line at Kulture Kollective gallery in Braamfontein.

We caught up with Shane Eagle and his manager Vaughn for a quick Q&A on the strategy behind the merch and most importantly, if we can expect any new music in the near future;

Eric: As an indie artist and label, how important is merch to the overall offering?

Shane: Merch is important because it adds a layer to the way people can rock with me. We’ve created an environment which is organic, real and uninfluenced, so adding merch to our offering as another way to show you’re part of the Eagle family is powerful. Its also really cool for people to get some exclusive attire.

Eric: How has the reception been for the merch, having held pop-ups in Joburg and Cape Town? Also, is there any plan to stock the merch online?
Vaughn: The reception has been great, people have showed up in numbers to buy the merch and meet Shane across both cities. Its great to see the love. We’ll be stocking the merch online, we have an online store already for everything “Yellow” related, however, we’ve sold out the merch online and will be restocking as soon as we have completed our Pop-Up Store runs. People can actually expect a whole range of cool things soon, we are working on some ideas as we speak.
Eric: Shane you’re going on a Yellow tour, its relatively costly and requires more effort to run your own tour, why is this important to the brand? 
Shane: It is a costly exercise and requires a lot of work. Especially because we are doing it in a way that SA hasn’t seen before. Its important to us to do things on our own accord, because we live in a world where we are told that we “need this” and “need that” when in actual fact all you need is passion, determination and the right people around you and you can then make things happen just as you envision them.
Eric: Where is the tour and pop-ups expected to go to next?

Vaughn: We will be hitting all the cities that we are performing in, so we are looking at DBN, PE, JHB and PTA next.

Eric: Yellow is celebrating its first anniversary on August 31st, can we expect a new album soon or what is in store musically? 

Shane: We’re working on something crazy. I’m always making new music and there is something special loading. You will know soon enough.

Its great to know that Shane is working on something special, and we’re excited to see how Eagle Entertainment approaches his sophomore phase of Eagle’s career. These are exciting times for hip-hop.

Stills as shot by @Long.Live.Marcus (Instagram)

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