10 Tips For Rappers On The Come-Up! #Game

In a time when just about anyone with a computer can make music, pursuing a career as a musician is one of the hardest directions to take in life. From finding your identity, moulding your technique, building an audience to putting in the time to develop into an actual musician, this career path requires sacrifice for the long haul.

Ever so often there is advice for those on the come up, from those who’ve made it, those who work the industry and those who study the game. We tend to disregard advice from those in the trenches, trying to make it and what they’re learning on this journey.

By pure this chance, we came across a social post by up-and-coming rapper Thembile Thembile on the basics of the rap game come-up. Here’s a redacted version of ten tips about the game from someone who is not only in the trenches himself but through his latest EP ‘The Ultrasound EP’, steadily building towards a breakthrough as an artist.

To a few young rappers who are just starting, listen please;

As a rapper, your number one job is to be good at rapping, this is the most important.

You need to work alone for a while in order to develop your art without too much influence.

You need to perform any time you get a chance, go everywhere, that’s how you build fan base and measure yourself against your peers., but most importantly, only when you start performing your music, will you really see and feel whether this is the career for you.

Don’t create imaginary haters, don’t rap about things you don’t know, don’t “pop champagne” when you’re only 15 or “pull up in a Lambo” just to sound cool. Your walk to school can be transformed into a powerful song once you’ve really put time into your craft.

Be confident but don’t be pompous, you don’t have to have an attitude just because you are a rapper, say please and thank you. Each time someone helps you do or achieve something you couldn’t have on your own, be grateful and make sure you let them know, good energy is everything. Trust!

Once you start getting out there to expand your brand, you’re going to meet new people and make new friends, do not inherit beefs, you’ll close doors to future collaboration.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, most people are nice enough to help, but if you don’t get a helping hand, there’s no need to throw a tantrum on social media like a baby. Remember, no one owes you anything, people work to get to wherever they are and you are not entitled to their success or growth. Keep working until attention comes to you.

Please try to spread positive vibes all the time, you are more likely to make progressive relationships when you’re inviting and project positive energy.

Lastly, be careful of who advises you, a miserable man can’t teach you how to be happy. Make good music, believe in yourself and be your own biggest fan.

With love.

Thembille Thembile’s latest EP, The Ultrasound EP, can be found HERE!

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