New Youtube Show, #OnADaily Looks Promising

Over the past few years, with the advent of blogging and social media in the mid to late 2000s, the internet has continued to grow into an alternative outlet for content creators to simply just create. Social media and video platforms in particular, have allowed mass content creation to scale and reach audiences traditional media could never have reached.

Youtube, the leading video platform in the world, has allowed just about anyone with a camera, be it a DSLR or a smartphone, to create and distribute any type of content for consumption anywhere in the world, at zero to very little cost to the creator.

Locked out of a relatively small yet lucrative tv industry, South African creators have looked to the internet as an outlet to reach audiences and build formidable brands outside the gate-kept traditional media industry. In the last few months, more and more creators; from musicians, make-up artists, comedians, tv critics, to loved up couples, have started channels to feed the monster that is Youtube.

One of the latest shows to launch this year is #OnADaily, a daily look at pop culture news, reviews and topical issues in the youth culture space. Hosted by Hip-Hop DJ Ms Cosmo, radio jock DJ Sabby and artist manager Thabiso ‘Hip Hop Scholar’ Khati, the show loosely borrows from Complex’s popular Everyday Struggle format where a panel discusses any topical issue related to hip-hop as a culture.

The local version, running on an episode a day in the past 10 days excluding weekends and holidays, carries a stamp of legitimacy based on the sheer weight of the panel’s reputation, positions in the industry and the production quality of the show. Formidable names in their own right, each host brings a different perspective on the game.

Ms Cosmo, one of the biggest hip-hop DJs in the game and host of a weekly hip-hop show on a national radio station, is the moderator, keeping the discussions controlled and pulling the crew back as soon as they seem to go overboard.

DJ Sabby, a prime-time radio show host and bubbling under DJ/Artist having released a number of songs under his belt, brings the youthful, no holds barred controversial take. In a way, he reps the kids with his honest opinions.

Hip Hop Scholar on the other hand, an experienced artist manager and A&R, says it as it is from a position of an industry insider and elder. He looks at issues through the gaze of the business side of things, the value of the culture.

By design, the make up of the panel offers compellingly differing views on the culture, surprisingly authentic and unrestricted. Due to the size and nature of the industry, it has always been very difficult for personalities with an interest in the game to have honest opinions about the industry in public, the show’s frankness is a welcome surprise.

The panel has managed to be frank and critical under the guise of light-hearted and entertainingly fun discussions, how long this will last until the industry catches feelings still remains to be seen.

From discussing topical news, brand value, culture vultures, music genres, drug use and rating a song on each episode, #OnADaily is a fresh take on a culture whose value is only beginning to be extracted.

The only tip for now, leave the American content to Americans, there’s enough of that everywhere else.

Watch it HERE

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