Did Distruction Boyz Steal DJ Lag’s Trip To New York? Listen For Yourself!

City Press is reporting that Distruction Boyz stand accused of stealing their summer smash-hit Omunye. Released in October last year, Omunye was the lead single off of their gold selling debut album Gqom Is The Future, turning the duo into the commercial face of Gqom.

It now turns out Omunye might have been inspired by, or put bluntly, plagiarized Gqom pioneer DJ LAG’s Trip To New York taken off his EP of the same title released on 15 July last year.

Distruction Boyz reportedly bought the song from a Cape Town based producer DJ Mphyd (real name Siphesihle Njokweni).

The globetrotting DJ’s Trip To New York EP was widely distributed to fans via WhatsApp before its Soundcloud release, three months before Omunye’s release. In actual fact, the track was uploaded on the internet in early April already, lending credence that it might have ‘inspired’ the Omunye version.

Listen to the two tracks below and decide for yourself:

Track Title: Omunye

Artist: Distruction Boyz

Album: Gqom Is The Future

Track Title: Trip To New York

Artist: DJ LAG

Album: Trip To New York EP

The tempo, arrangement and melodies on both tracks are strikingly similar, although there are some tweaks and lyrical differences, the instrumentation is near identical.

Do you think Distruction Boyz bit DJ LAG?

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