You Don’t Necessarily Have To Win Idols To Break Into The Industry

After 17-year old Paxton Fielies beat him to the coveted Idols season 13 title, runner-up Mthokozisi Ndada quickly garnered attention with his visible absence from the post-finale press conference and declining all media interviews. He has since received counselling for the loss and his Idols journey.

Labelled a sore loser, the Idol runner-up has also been accused of assault by a 21-year old woman he allegedly punched and slammed into a wall, bruising her and breaking her tooth during a night of partying in Braamfontein, Joburg.

His manager Kim Coppen was quoted as saying “He’s obviously upset because he’s been working hard towards an end goal and naturally he was disappointed. At this stage, after being in the spotlight for so long, he just wants to breathe and I think that’s a natural and human response to have after what he’s gone through.”

Mthokozisi has won the hearts of many South Africans through his emotive back story, Idols journey and talent. He could possibly make it without winning the Idols crown, but this dream could be destroyed by the alleged assault.

A number of runners-up and at times Top 10 qualifiers, have gone on to pursue successful careers in the entertainment industry. In recent memory Amanda Black, Shekhinah, Kyle Deutsch, and Dominic Neill, are all notable names in the industry.

Historically, we could go as far back as Season 1 where finalists went from unknown to household names; Bianca Le Grange, Brendon October, Chad Saaiman and Letoya Makhene. In earlier seasons; Zamajobe, Gail Nkoane, Lloyd Cele and Graeme Watkins are part of a long list of other Idols finalists to have made a name for themselves post the reality show.

Although the winner walks away with a chunk of cash, a new car and a recording deal with a major record label, numerous previous winners have vanished from the music industry. Ultimately, Idols is a television show created to attract an audience for advertising, a platform for talented musicians to introduce themselves to households across the country.

What each contestant does with that platform post the show, defines whether they make it or not, again, as proven season after season, winning the show does not necessarily guarantee a successful music career.

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